Happy Navratri

Hello to all my readers and viewers. We have made a really entertaining video for you all. Before i start talking about our content, I want to wish y’ll a very Happy Navratri. Incase you don’t know, Navratri is a festival of India where we all Dance for 9 days. You all must be aware about the types of dance , Here in Navratri we all play Garba. The word “Nav” in Gujarati means 9. So now you know the reason why only 9 days.


Anyway moving on to story of our video, I bet at some point of our life we all must have encounter a situation where we felt like disappearing or really wish to eliminate that very moment. But we have to pass through it anyway. We all must have had good moments as well, where we all want to be there again and even think of ways of making it better then it already was. Well, once it’s passed, you can either loath it or carry it with no regrets.


In our very video Aashu had amazing experience with a girl name Sanjana.  After amazing session of Garba Aashu got to make out with Sanjana. After they were done, Sanjana headed home and here Aashu forgot to ask for the no. but expected to see her the very next day. Later He got to know that his house will be empty for a while, so taking advantage of this situation he headed to the play ground and waited for Sanjana.

To know what happened next,  Head to our channel and watch it now. If you like the Video then don’t forget to like and Subscribe to our channel.


A Film by : Jeetu Rall

Featuring : Rajan Thakar & Naina Mehta

Producer : Jaimin Goti

Creative Director : Chandramani Jangde

Dop : Hiren Chitroda

Music : Shivang Upadhyay

Production Controller : Aadesh Chitroda

Line Production : Olin Christian

Costume Design by : Purna’s Fashion Studio (Ahmedabad)

Makeup Artist : Ridehi Shah, Honey Parekh

Dubbing : Apala Bisth, Ansh Vyas, Shivang Upadhyay Publicity

Design : Eleven Gates

Business Advisor : Vijayraj kesrola

Digital Content Consultant : Rashi Trivedi

Spot Boy : Govind

Location Courtesy : Paras Medical & Provision Store (Ahmedabad) Jiva The Complete Man (Ahmedabad) Jaldhara Water Park (Ahmedabad)

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