Hello to all my viewers. So today we bring our next Indian festival based Short Film “DeDreamer”. Before starting, we wish you “Happy holi” to all our readers and viewers. Focusing on our Today’s Title, I bet we all must have imagined a lot of stuff. Sometimes we even imagine thing which is unreasonable or may be not even related to anything around you. But I guess most of time you imagine yourself with someone and how it would be to be with that person and it just goes deeper.

So our team thought over this and turned it in to a concept. This is something I’m sure everyone can relate it with their life at some point. So we made an amazing Holi Special video where we will be showing your imagination and your thoughts in action.

Holi is the time of the year where all the Neighbourhood people can gather around and play with colors and great each other with wishes to have a great and colorful life ahead. Our video is based on two character who lives in the same vicinity.

On the day of Holi both mistakenly crash into each other and face an awkward moment. After a fraction of sec they head towards elevator and step into it. As soon as they entered, there was a thick layer of tension in the air.They both looked at each other and there were two individual imagination going on.

Story is interesting right? so what are you waiting for, Head to our video right now and hit the play button. Don’t Forget to like and Subscribe to our channel for future notification.

Credits :

Directed By : Hiren Chitroda

Producer : Jaimin Goti

Featuring : Viplove & Jiya Singh

Music : Shivang Upadhyay

Edited By : Jeetu Rall

Publicity Design : Kewal Mistry

Business Advisor : Vijayraj kesrola

Production : Nil Viradiya, Jeel Bhalani, Mohit Gabani, Tejas Jivani & Bhavya Goti




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