Second Chance ll Motivation ll Hope

A story is never about a person, its about a life. Downfalls, rising up and ready to fall again, all the struggle is about Motivation, hope and inspiration. Here is a story about Dev who belongs to well reputed family leading a happy married life. We all are familiar with ups and downs are part of life. Similarly dev was going through some difficult times. He was suffering losses in his business and was under heavy debt with a debt of fifty lacs. Like everyone else he couldn’t take the load and thought of giving up. This is phase where a men feel’s his problems are enough to care about other things. A Motivation in life can make you walk miles and achieve greatness beyond your capability.

The Dreary Day.

Later dev could’t think of any solution, So like any other guy under depression he thought of killing himself. At this point Dev was out of option and decided to live no more. Decided by his conscious Dev on a very fine day and pleasant morning gathered the courage walk the sea shore and decided to get himself drowned. Ruled by his conscious Dev walked to the depth of the shores. For some reason his body was not co-ordinating. But it’s said that at bad times even your body doesn’t accepts your decisions.

At this very instance an old saw Dev walking towards the depth. As soon as the old man realised it’s a suicide attempt, He ran towards Dev and tried to pull him back. After awhile the old man was successful in savings Dev’s life. Dev was angry frustrated and tried to walk away.

Dev ignored him but After various attempts the old man was able to get a hold of him. The old man kept on asking “what is the reason that made you take such a bold move, trying to kill yourself. There is nothing in getting yourself killed and as there is no problem that can be solved”. Tell me what made you do this ”. When someone triggers the problem that you don’t want to share your body tends to burst’s out.

Similarly Dev bursted out on the old man and screamed “ I have a debt of 50 lacs, are you going to help me pay it?” and stopped facing the old man. With a calm and simple smile the old man said “ That’s it?”. Old man takes out his cheque book and writes him a cheque of 50 lacs. Old man “Take it,I hope this solves all your problem” and hands the cheque to Dev. The solution that the old man handed over was not the money But a hope to get over all the problems and motivation to start a successful life. He hesitated for a while but old man convinced him to accept the money and to pay back when possible.

Turn around.

Dev goes back to the life and starts working hard, with the motivation that was given by the old man In the form of cheque. He grew in his life like earlier and Dev Singhania was back again. After a span of 2 years Dev visited the same beach he attempted to kill himself. He never used the cheque that the old man gave him to get away with debt but he used the motivation to achieve greatness and success in life. Dev always kept the cheque given by the old man in front of his eyes to make himself remind of getting up, when you fall down and not lose hope and always keep yourself motivated and positive in life.

Happy ending.

He kept on visiting the beach with a hope to see the old man again and on a one fine morning he was able to locate the old man on the same place where he earlier met. Dev rushed towards the beach and stopped where the old man was standing. Breathing heavily he smiled looking at the old man’s face and the old man abruptly recognised him.

After having a good introduction the old men looked the way Dev was dressed and smiled. Dev told him that I am here to return you the favour that you did to me that day. He returns the cheque to the old man and soon as the old man sees the cheque smiled at him and says “ohh this – this is nothing actually. It was a desolated cheque” . Dev was disquiet by the reply. Old men continued “what I gave you was not money but the motivation to get over your problems”.

Moral of the movie.

When you lose all the courage and inspiration to continue your life, all the you need is Hope and Motivation to stand back on your feet again.

“Where there is will, There is always a way”

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