A warm welcome to all my readers and viewers. Have you ever had a Self War ? I bet everyone does. The fight is always between your mind and your heart. It is well said that in a conflict between your heart and brain you should always follow your heart. But Do we really do that, following our heart is not as easy as it look. Because we as humans have tendency to overthink stuff and their result, hence we shun our heart.


No one born to be perfect, we all lack somewhere. So first step to listening to our heart is to accept the things around, Accept who you are. One mistake people do is underestimate them self which result in low level of confidence. Just be yourself thing and you will experience drastic change. You should stop caring about what others think. Stop taking caution to your actions, others will judge you anyway, so why not listen to what you want and do what you feel. This is your live. Live it on your conditions

Be Honest

“Honesty is the best Policy” Before being honest to other be honest with yourself first. We all feel childish at every interval of our life. So it’s okay to act like one for a while but don’t get carried away. You should allow yourself to do the “no” things your mind says. I am sure you’ll feel pretty amazing. Growing up is a trap, A trap with captures our feeling and thus we always hide away from such.

Our official channel ‘Desi Illusion’ has brought up a short film ‘self war’ depicting a game war between heart and brain and how it brings out the best in you. Just have faith in yourself. “KHUD KE LIYE TU KHAAS HAI”

Credits –


Director : Jeetu Rall

Cast : Arpit Sharma, Mehjebin mahal, Priyanka Jain, Hiren Waghela, Ritu Parikh, Ankit Jain

Producer : Pisceann Pictures

Creative Head : Abhishek Tiwari

Dop : Rejeesh Lalitha Narayanan, Ameya Kale

Music : Shivang Upadhyay

Rap by : Nishant Kamal Vyas & Shivang Upadhyay

Voice Over : Raakeshh Dubey

Graphics : Jaimin goti, Chandramani jangde

Business Advisor : Vijayraj kesrola

Digital Content Consultant : Rashi Trivedi

Digital Marketing : Jaimin Goti

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